• Port City Racecars

    Port City Racecars

    Crooks Racing is now a Port City Dealer

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  • Shocks And Suspension

    Shocks And Suspension

    A specialty that Gary has mastered the past eight years

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  • Racing Rentals

    Racing Rentals

    We now have our race winning CRA/PASS/SSS Super Late Models available to rent.

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  • Crew Chiefing

    Crew Chiefing

    Whether it be one race or a run for a championship, Gary Crooks will accommodate your team's needs in all aspects of the business

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  • Race Consulting

    Race Consulting

    Racing Consulting

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  • Data Acquisition

    Data Acquisition

    Learn what your car is doing in real time

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  • Racing Fabrication And Body Hanging

    Racing Fabrication And Body Hanging

    Fabrication is one of the most difficult and hard-to-master aspects of racing and building racecars but fabrication including complete turn key cars, body hanging, and crash repair may in fact be what Crooks and his team best excel at

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