Pull Down Rig  

Pull Down Rig

Crooks Racing has researched, developed, and now manufactured an affordable pull down rig to simulate the travel of our race cars at full travel as if on track at full speed.

About "The Travel Simulator" Pull Down Rig

”The Travel Simulator" allows you to visually see and adjust according the following information:

  • Set Bump Stop Heights
  • Set Camber at Full Travel
  • Check for Suspension Bind
  • Check Sway Bar Alignment
  • Simulates Tire Squash  
  • Fender Clearance
  • Valance Height
  • Actual Wheel Loads at the Tire
  • Dynamic Trailing Arm Angles
  • Dynamic 3rd Link Angles
  • See where Your Rearend Moves to in Full Travel (Rear Steer & Wheel Base)


The Travel Simulator has the ability to produce all of the same data as the deluxe pull down righs at a fraction of the cost. Making the travel simulator ideal for the Saturday night racer.